Free online puzzles?

Jason Braverman 6 years ago updated by Maureen Reinert 6 years ago 1

Came across State Point Media that offers free content -- as well as crossword puzzles and Sudoku. Below the puzzles are "More Puzzles" and "News You Can Use" -- which is their form of sponsored content (and how they make money). Good thing is -- the user is on your page the entire time (unless they click a branded link in the story). 

My question is - does anyone use this service? Anyone have any other options for free puzzles? Do a lot of your readers play? 

Thanks for the insight. 

We're looking at launching a puzzles area on our site in the next couple of weeks. We haven't found any good free puzzle options, but we'd be interested in any ones that others can recommend. We've resorted to creating our own puzzles. So far we have hangman, slider puzzles, alphametics and nonograms.