Modify Public-facing "Create an Event" form for multiple but non-recurring events

mcgregora 6 years ago 0

Quite often the "Create an Event" tool that is hosted on our website for

the public to enter events into our calendar labels events as Spam.

This occurs especially when someone is trying to create an event that

occurs multiple times but doesn't exactly meet recurring event criteria -

like a theater show that is performed three days in a row, but at different

times of day; or a presentation that happens 2 times in one day.

Because they can't use the recurring events function they attempt to

create a separate event for each date and time, typically the first one

they enter works but the subsequent events are rejected as Spam.

As a result, we fairly regularly receive emails or calls from people who

are getting tripped up by this. The solution we are trying now is to

simply turn the Spam filter off. Time will tell if this solution is

worse than the problem.

My idea is to modify the public-facing "Create an Event" form.

The form currently has an "Occurs" selection field - with options for

Once, Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly - to handle the recurring

events. When the recurring choices are selected the form adapts and

presents more fields to define the recurrence in the When section.

Could there be an occurs "Multiple" option that would then present

additional Date and Time fields? When "Multiple" is selected a secondary

selector field could appear asking "# of Additional Times" with options

for, say, 1-10. With that selection the form would then present the

extra Date and Time fields, for instance labeled Date #2, Time #2; Date

#3, Time #3; Date #4, Time #4; etc.