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Why is "NOT" so hard for searches

Mike Stickler 5 years ago updated by David Dierker 5 years ago 4

You know on any given day that I spend using blox (or nep for that matter) I run into at lease one instance where my life would be easier if I could specify "Not" for a search option.
For example show me everything that's not wire... show me everything that's not sports... show me everything except breaking or developing. 

I understand your UI design goal is to make it so easy a trained monkey can do it but how hard would it be to modify check boxes... 
Empty (not selected)
Click - Checked (selected)

Click - Red X (search excludes this item)


The ability to exclude sections or flags from searches would be awesome!

Under review

I assume you're talking about in the BLOX admin, not on the front end, right? There are some additional parameters on the front-end search such as nfl=breaking (not flagged breaking), and several others, listed here: https://help.bloxcms.com/knowledge-base/applications/editorial/assets/tasks/article_504ccd62-2bfd-11e5-8804-131eebdc4425.html

One other thought... if there is a search that is 'difficult' - meaning, perhaps maybe you can create a not search by selecting everything else but the thing you want to exclude, and then create a saved search for that. Obviously, this is tedious to do each time, but maybe having a saved search can help.

That being said, we do have a feature request on the roadmap to do something like an "advanced search" which would allow for more complex combined queries. I'll ask about a red "x" type thing in the interface.


while you're waiting for the admin panel to include NOT searches you can do the same thing with a structured query in the text box... for example: -flags:web_only AND flags:editors_pick AND -flag:ap

returns all assets that are editor's picks but aren't web only or ap

See http://www.solrtutorial.com/solr-query-syntax.html for some ideas (This page is not BLOX specific.)