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Adding a date to social share images to indicate age of article

Beth OMalley 5 years ago updated by Kevin M. Cox 5 years ago 2

The Guardian is adding a year on their social share images, which is a genius idea.

We've seen several articles that are years old get lots of traffic through social shares that don't indicate that the article is old. Generally, it's not an issue (one that comes up every summer is a guy who died about 4 years ago from a snake bite), but one that resurfaced was about a girl who reported an attempted kidnapping, and people were sharing it like it was new. To the point the PD had to post to Facebook about the issue (they were getting calls). 

Here's why they're doing it: https://www.pressgazette.co.uk/guardian-fake-news-bid-timestamps-social-sharing/

Here's how they're doing it (github): https://github.com/guardian/frontend/pull/21306

I'm going to talk to internal developers about this, but it would be something I'd hope Town News could look at implementing as well.