Marketplace Storefront listings and section tagging

Jeff Evans 10 years ago updated by Christine Masters 10 years ago 3
For the Marketplace Storefront listings, I am having major issues with section tagging not working correctly. It seems like section tagging works only part of the time, other times it gets completely ignored, or has a specific non-intuitive set of rules. Very difficult to manage and requires lots of trial and error. Support has not been able to help me. Suggestion is that section tagging works just like it would work for any other asset - if you section tag something, it goes in that tab, and only in that tab. Easy to manage and easy to understand.
Under review
We are working on an updated version of the business directory system that will use a different search technology under-the-hood that may improve the reliability of section tagging. What kind of tags are not working for you?
This isn't a technology question, it's more of a template support question.

We use section tagging to determine where stuff is placed throughout the business directory details page. I.E. if something is tagged as a "product," it goes in the product tab area.

However, we only support specific asset types in specific areas. We do have a list of the supported items here:


And we are adding new ones all the time. We're actually working on supporting link assets in the tab area this week (for release in a few weeks).

Hope this helps!