Feature request: controlling the order of assets in The River Of News

Thomas Martinez 4 years ago updated by Mariel Tam-Ray 4 years ago 2

For those who use the TownNews e-edition:

We think it's important for our organization to control the assets in the River of News. Right now, according to TownNews, there is no way to control that. Basically, it just shows up in whatever order it does. They think it's feasible, but asked me to put in a feature request.

How important do you think this is? Would you use it to place importance on the the content in your River of News?



I could see this being helpful. But I'd rather see better automatic detection.

On today's A1 the story at the very bottom of the page is first in the RoN, while the top above the fold story is second. Since TCMS knows physically where on the page that story is placed, the system should be able to do a better job at sorting the River of News.

I've run into a related problem today. We do a print edition that goes to bed early, then we update certain pages for e-Edition later. This time we had a wire story on Trump at the top of the front page for print. Then for e-Edition, we moved the Trump story inside to 11A and replaced it on 1A with a late City Council story. 

So this morning, the River of News for 1A shows the Trump story at the top, and the local council system story is at the very bottom. I had thought that if we had our designers delete the Trump story from 1A, including not leaving it on the pasteboard, it wouldn't show up in the RoN, but I guess this isn't the case. I put in a help ticket asking for what the best practice is in this case, but ... maybe there just isn't one?