Evvnt Calendar Migration

Jesus Sanchez 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 6

Hello.If we migrate to the new Evvnt Calendar, will we still be able to embed events into individual articles and newsletters? Would we still set the price for upsells? 


Personally, I'm also confused by the wording in the email about the cost. The email says:

The upgrade comes with no associated monthly charge. To offset Evvnt's standard $250 monthly per-site fee, 20 percent of Evvnt upsell revenue—up to a cumulative total of $250—will be passed to participating TownNews clients. Once the total upsell revenue for a given site exceeds $250 in a calendar month, the revenue share rises to 40 percent (to the participating site).

So does that mean there is no monthly cost even if you don't sell any events? Or does that mean that you have to sell enough to clear the $250? Or does that mean that  the sites which do make sales need to sell enough to cover the $250 x the number of sites participating?

I'm also wondering what the alternative is if you choose not to switch to Evvnt? Do you just keep going with the calendar functionality as it is or does that mean you don't have a calendar?

The email was a little a vague, and after having the Blox Photo Sales suddenly shut down because of issues with the 3rd-party fulfillment site, we're a little hesitant to jump into another 3rd-party dependent situation.


Someone in our company just got a response to my revenue question from Rick Rogers at TN:

To answer Maureen’s concern about the $250 fee, there is no upfront fee for the Evvnt calendar. Actually, you will generate revenue from day 1. Here is an example of how it works. LNP launches Evvnt on June 1, and will earn 20% of all calendar listing revenue up to when the $249 fee is covered for TownNews/Evvnt. Meaning that TN/Evnnt will take 80% of the upsell revenue up to $249 in a one-month period. Once the meter hits $249, LNP will then earn 40% of upsell revenue, 60% to TN/Evvnt. If you do not hit the $249 mark in a month, there is still no fee, your revenue share just remains at 20%. I hope that is helpful.

I still have more questions though, so we're trying to get a demon/training session scheduled.

Thanks for the details but right now I don't share my upsell revenue (after the credit card processing and TN fees). And  we have never even sold close to $249 in one month to our audience at super-low rates.  I do think the Evvnt calendar does offer more functionality and features but I'm not prepared in this environment to give up any revenue or the flexibility of embedding events into articles and newsletters.

Hey everyone,

So, as of today, we cannot embed Evvnt events into articles or newsletters. 

As for the revenue portion: If you sign up for Evvnt off the street, the package we will be using would normally cost you $249. To offset that cost, we are using a revenue split. For the first $250, it is split 80/20 in the favor of TownNews. After $250, then it is a 60/40 split in favor of TownNews. If you are currently using the TN Upsell manager, you are currently earning a 95/5 split in your favor. 

We will be offering training sessions going forward. First, we need to determine which clients will be part of the program, then we will finalize our rollout plan. You will be contacted before the switchover happens.