"Disconnect" a story from host syndication channel

Adam Rogan 2 years ago updated by Eric R 2 years ago 1

Is there a way to have a story that has been syndicated to stop being automatically revised once it is brought into our system? I.e. is there a way to "disconnect" from a syndication channel?

Other methods we used in the past are not reliable since the new update. This is important since sometimes a story in another market will focus on one municipality, while we want to move up content about our local market.

But in the new system, simply creating a copy of the original asset can result in assets appearing as duplicates on the site. And we cannot reliably remove the original asset without breaking an original link that's already been shared OR reliably "hide" it from our homepage because if it gets revised again then our edits will be undone.

This is a great suggestion, as we run into the same issue.

Our current solution for this is to make a local copy of an asset, then remove all the sections and keywords from the original (so that it doesn't populate any page blocks).  That way, even if the syndicated asset gets updated, it won't show up on the site again.   It's not a great solution, and having the ability to just 'disconnect' the original asset from  future updates may be the better way to handle this situation.