If we could drag and drop images from "Child Assets" to the "Teaser" section just like you can with the "Body Copy" section, it would help with workflow.

ryan herzog 1 year ago updated by Lindy Ritz 1 year ago 1

In fact, if you could do that with all relevant tabs, that would be nice. For my workflow, I need to add teaser photos and 9 time out of 10 that's the first child asset attached to the article. I know Social media and the website may automatically add the child asset on the website without needing a teaser, but it's best practice to do it anyway to avoid those awkward automatic crops the system sometimes does. As of now, I need to go into the child asset, copy the slug and then go to the teaser section where I have to "Copy from another asset," paste the slug and select it that way. This would really cut down on clicks if I could just simply drag and drop/

I've been crowing about this same feature for a long time! Especially with adding so much video now. Teaser image is becoming more and more important.