Ability to customize email receipts for marketing.

Mary Shepard 9 years ago updated by Logan Johnson 3 years ago 10
Email receipts receive on average a 70.90% open rate compared to the 17.19% average of regular email marketing.
It's important to remember that a customers trust is at it's highest right after they complete a transaction with a company.
Email receipts are the easiest way into an inbox, yet they’re the most underutilized form of email marketing, especially when working with Town News.

Having the ability to further communicate with our already engaged customers opens up opportunities to cross sell, upsell, offer discount codes on future transactions, promote social media accounts, set up a feedback loop to better understand the process/customer experience and offer logical next steps to customers who have completed a transaction, submitted content or posted a review.

Today's companies want to reach and engage more customers with every contact and e-receipts are an easy way to do so.


I came to post ask about this same thing. I assume this means there is no way to customize the email that users receive after submitting a form?

We would really love the ability to be able to do so.


Wondering if there has been any update on this topic. While Blox now allows some very basic customization of AdOwl receipts, still looking for the opportunity to customize the Event/Calendar automatic responses and responses from general form submissions. We are missing the opportunity to upsell/cross sell and inform our customers and readers of other ways to engage with our paper.


Hi Mary -- Happy to provide an update! We've added support for this to Ad-Owl & Business Directory. We'd also like to introduce this in Calendar as well. I have a feature request ticket started and I'll update here once we're nearing a release.


Our customers have requested an easy way to extend an upsold calendar listing from the expiration email. Anyone know if there is a way to edit (add a button to) that notice?


Hi Marshall -- The expiring upsell notification emails do not currently include a link to the related item. This is something we can definitely add.  This would simply be a link to the event itself and if the author / creator of the event is logged in they will be prompted to purchase another upsell.

I'll create a feature request to add that link but I cannot guarantee an ETA at this time. For now, the user who purchased the upsell can purchase another from either the event landing page (if logged in) or from their user-dashboard while viewing their event details. 


It would be nice if this could be rolled out for any and all forms. as well.


Thanks for the reply. I also second (forth) OP Mary Shepard's description of the value of being able to edit all notification emails for outreach and engagement. Those are users that have just completed the task of signing up and completing a transaction of some kind. It feels almost negligent to just pass them sterile one-note communication.



Today I created another form that could be even better if our paper could follow-up with readers after their submission to us. I see that it's been 3 years TN customers have been waiting for this basic service of being able to add text or customize email receipts on all forms. Yes it's nice to have in AdOwl and Marketplace, but this is needed on all forms!


This came up in a meeting here this morning. We would still really like this functionality extended.

The specific use case that came up today would be customizing the email a reader gets when purchasing a Day Pass to include a promotional rate for a full subscription.

I believe the ability to customize the default content sent in the standard blox forms receipts would also allow markets to be able to display other information in the footer aside of the default site contact info which could come in handy for certain forms.