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General request for expanded sorting functionality

Dylan McKinley 10 years ago updated by Christine Masters 10 years ago 7
Blox's power is obvious and awesome, but just imagine how we could enhance and improve efficiency in our various workflows if we had more control over the metadata we can see in the asset search results viewer. Perhaps it's already in the works, or perhaps there are technical limitations I am not aware of – but it would be fantastic to see all columns sortable, many more columns available to show more metadata fields, more and customizable functionality of what kind of preview hover text shows (for instance, right now the only thing you see is the image when you hover over it - it'd be great to tweak that to show the caption as well or be able to switch between them somehow). Generally, I'm hoping we can see the search results grow into something more like an Explorer or Finder window. I know I could shave a ton of time off the projects I work on with more options. Thanks for all your hard work, TownNews!
Wish list for columns and sorting
1. Sort by section (I know this presents all kinds of issues because there can be more than one section, do you only show the first one or do you list the same asset multiple times - once for each section)
2. Remember my columns (Almost everytime I pull up the banner ads the first thing I do is show the column for size it would be nice if I could set it and forget it.)

PS If you didn't know it already you can go the the columns and when you point to a column name a dropdown arrow will appear, click it and you should be able to see the columns available for display.
Under review
There are some cool things you can already do with the Asset Editor, similar to what you describe, I think.

You can toggle to show or hide summaries at the bottom of the BLOX Editorial Assets search.

Summary mode:

Hide summaries:

Like Mike said, you can also customize the columns by dragging and dropping them, or hovering over them to bring up the column selection panel. Some columns can be sorted.

Some of the columns will sort, but others, due to difficult to sort data types, do not. (Mike Stickler is right that section tags are hard to sort because there could be multiples). But start time, priority and title do sort if you hover over them.

And what's great is that the editorial application will "remember" your settings, as long as you use the same computer. This currently works for Editorial and Calendar but is being added to more applications over time.

Also note that you can save searches based on the current results. And, the date fields accept "relative" dates, such as "last week," "yesterday," or "7 days ago." So you can create a saved search to view all editorial assets created since yesterday.
The time and date of our FTP uploads appear in the asset manager under Last modify time. It would be helpful to be able to sort or search for assets by Last modify time, not just by Start time. Are there any plans to add more sorting functionality to the asset manager?
>> Remember my columns (Almost everytime I pull up the banner ads the first thing I do is show the column for size it would be nice if I could set it and forget it.)

Just a quick update... Mike, Ad Manager now saves state, so you shouldn't have to rework it each time. =)
Shauna I'm checking on modify time... 
Shauna, are you talking about editorial asset manager? If so, could you create a separate issue in Questions? If not, can you give me more details about your process and what you're doing?