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Pin assets

Maunette Loeks 10 years ago updated 10 years ago 4
It would be very awesome if we could pin assets FROM the asset. It would be very convenient for those assets that have moved out of the top story or other block because of time, but we want to "resurface" the asset in the block.
Under review
Hi Maunette!

One issue I see with this idea is that a single asset may be displayed in multiple blocks. So, we wouldn't know which block you wanted to "pin" it on.

Instead, you might consider using priority numbers - and making sure your blocks are set up to consider them. So, inside the asset, you could decide this was important so you bump it to 100. Depending on how you set up your block sort rules, it could stay there a while or "expire" when new content arrives.
Thanks, Christine. I am using priorities, etc. Appreciate the suggestions!

It sounds like Maunette is using priorities like we are (sort assets by day then priority then time) so there's really no way to promote a given story outside of its date without updating it ...  Unless you have an unused field like geolocations? where you could create a geolocation called Bumped and then sort your assets by geolocation then date, priority, time. It would work a lot like a pinned asset until you unBumped it,

I was thinking the same thing as Christine... Then I had a thought (It could be dangerous) ... So in the example below you would have a usage tab and be able to see where the asset is currently displayed and have the ability to select a url and then a block on the url (ajax baby!) and pin the asset. (maybe show stats like views and comment count above the displayed on.

I've been thinking on this and even a start time under the pinned assets would help out. Say I have an asset that is pinned until 4 p.m. and the next asset could start at 4 p.m. I use most often for rotating top stories in the rotator or other popular stories.