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Is there a way to schedule a report based on the dates and an ad campaign?

Patrick Brannan 10 years ago updated by Kim Mason BGDN 10 years ago 3
I know I can schedule ad reports on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule, but being able to run a report based on the start and end date of a campaign would be great too.
I think I figured out how to set the report to pull specific dates, but is there a way to have that automatically get emailed when the campaign or ad stop running?
Under review
Hi Patrick!

I believe I need to add this as a feature request. I was talking to a few people and we want to make sure we have the specific functionality that is desired.

Can you provide more details on what specifically you want to do? You want to email the report only when the ad is finished running? Automatically, right?
We have the same issue, if I'm reading the request correctly.  I can set reports to send daily/weekly/monthly, but I can not set them to end when the ad expires.  Unfortunately, not only does the report not end, it begins sending them a report of ALL our ads instead of a blank one when there is not info available about the expired ad.