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block description

Mike Stickler 9 years ago updated 9 years ago 4
would love to see all block templates have a description custom property. the description would appear on the site as a short sentence or paragraph in small text between the block title and first asset.
Under review
Hey Mike,

Interesting idea. Can you give me a few examples of this?
We've just added several blocks across the site that will present web only content.... A small text description below the header "This block features content that did not run in the paper. It is presented as a service to our web users" 

Or on the e-edition block, "Click the image below to access today's e-edition. Click the title above to access e-editions for the last 30 day"

I could accomplish something similar by pinning an asset and having the text I want either as the asset headline or in some cases as the preview text, but I don't necessarily want the description that big or to be a link, 

I could also customize the block but it seems like it would make more sense if this were a consistent option for all block templates,

Hi Mike!

I'm working on adding this feature into our new Flex templates. Since we use one title macro on all of our blocks, it is not difficult to do.

Here is my mockup. What do you think?

It would not be available in Flex for a few months. But, I wanted to get your feedback before I submitted the ticket.


Sorry I didn't get back sooner... Yep that's exactly what I had in mind. I was debating either customizing blocks or stacking them... (where one block would be the title and description of content in the block below.)