form designer and submission results

Mike Stickler 9 years ago 0
Everything in my earlier rant: http://community.townnews.com/topic/604414-form-designer/ is still applicable. Here i'm more fixated on the submission results.

I have noticed, if I setup a new url and create a simple new form pointed at that url and use that form then from the form designer I can click the submissions button and see data submitted to that form.

However I try to be efficient (lazy.) If I have a new form (Form B) that needs to be an almost exact copy of an old form (Form A) I will clone Form A and rename it Form B. When I do so, the submissions button in the form designer never returns any results.

There was ticket related to this behavior the result of which was don't use the submissions button in the form designer, instead use Community/Form Submissions...

If I use Community/Form Submissions and try to get results for 1 form, I expand title and then have to manually deselect every form. This is annoying and is made even more so because I frequently had to use 3-6 blox forms to replace the functionality of one newsys form. YOU NEED TO BE ABLE TO SELECT/DESELECT ALL TITLES WITH A SINGLE CLICK. (When I say had to I mean that was the solution Townnews gave me when converting the old forms)

In an effort to make it easier to process forms related to a current promotion I renamed the form A1Pizza Form and sorted by form name.

Sorting results by form name does not sort results by form name. I get "Account Verification", "Anniversary Announcement", "Portland Leader Calendar Contest", "Messenger-Inquirer Calendar Contest", "Birthday Club Registration", "Messenger-Inquirer Black Friday Deals", "Change of Address" etc, etc for 540 pages of submissions.

I have no idea if my "A1 Pizza Card"'s are going to show up under "A" or "P" for "Pizza Cards" or "T" for "Taste of home" (the name of the form I originally cloned.) or even where those would be.

The current setup is sloppily coded and allows the user (me) to be sloppy and the results are sloppyx2.

If renaming forms is going to cause these kind of issues then it needs to not be allowed.