Webinar announcement: Introducing the TownNews.com Content Exchange program

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Webinar: Introducing the TownNews.com
Content Exchange program

TownNews.com's Content Exchange program helps web publishers like you build revenue and audience from the content you're already creating. Share articles, images and videos with our vast network of media sites to earn additional ad revenue and attract new users with professional content you select from the exchange.

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Best of all, the TownNews.com Content Exchange is completely FREE and turnkey for BLOX CMS customers. At our January webinar, Tim Turner, Content Exchange program manager, will discuss the program and how to get involved.

Topics will include:

- Generating revenue from tag-along ads through the program's generous revenue
sharing plan.

- Improving visitor satisfaction by offering in-house coverage alongside high-quality
journalism from around the country.

- Reaching a wider audience by putting your content and branding in front of more
people, on more sites.

- Q&A session to follow presentation.

Join us on Thursday, Jan. 14th at 10:30 AM CST.