Have form product selected by default?

Nick 8 years ago updated by Sean Bova | Web Developer 8 years ago 5

We're offering a product online with a BLOX form. We only have one product and want it to be selected by default. Is there a way to do this? Users can choose how many to purchase. But the only way I can get the radio selection to go away is to remove the ability to purchase multiple copies.


Hi Nick,

You should be able to set the default quantity and min quantity to 1 on that list option in the product gadget. This will set check the option and require that it have at least one in the quantity.

That's right. But I'd like the page to load with the radio button already selected since there is only one product. Then the user would only have to select the quantity of that one item. Currently when it loads the user has to actually click the radio. If they don't and try to submit the form it gives them an error that the form isn't complete.


I've created an improvement ticket within our system. I agree that the radio button should have pre-selected because where was only one option available.

Awesome!! That will be a huge help because right now we're trying to figure out how to best communicate that the user actually has to select the radio. Any idea of an ETA for this improvement?

This improvement ticket is schedule to be a part of our Flex template release for late March.