Feature request: Auto filled keywords based on a list

Nick 7 years ago updated by Rob Weir 7 years ago 1

Keywords can be a little daunting when you're starting out but have a huge archive. We've never been big on using keywords but it's something I'm trying to change in the new year. Something that would make the job a lot easier would be to set a list of keywords and have BLOX comb through our assets and assign those keywords whenever the exact match is found.

There will undoubtedly be errors in the form of keywords being assigned incorrectly but the benefit of them being auto filled would surely outweigh the errors. And to help maybe you could have certain sections not be affected by the auto filled keywords, for instance obituaries.

And the responsibility to make sure the keywords are specific enough would rest on the individual webmasters. If there's a city official named John Smith, it wouldn't be a good idea to have a keyword of "john smith" auto assigned.

TCMS is a system that prides itself on being automated when it comes to web publishing. And it is for the most part. But TCMS requires a lot of clicks to get an asset to have all the info it needs before publication. There could be an easier way for assigning keywords given the proper pre-planning. I think adding a pre-set list of keywords that would then be auto assigned to assets would be a really big help in this automation.

Anyone else think they would benefit from this?