Mugshot presentation in Flex

Anna 7 years ago updated by Michael Becker 7 years ago 4

Our publications recently switched to Flex. With the switch, photos in mugshot no longer appear as small images to the left at the top of the story. Instead, they are really large photos all the way at the bottom, which is not ideal for mugshots. Are there any efforts to change this?

Anna, this is how mugshots are displaying for us in Flex, very similar to on Zen:


I assume you're seeing something different on your site?

The Presentation of the photo should be "Mugshot"


Actually, I see now that with the responsive design in Flex it depends on the width of the browser screen. With my default browser width, the mugshot photos were moving to the bottom. My bad. I still find this problematic and still find the photo size to be quite large for a mug.


We drag most mugshots inline into the story to avoid the "gigantic mugshots at the bottom" problem. If you make sure to crop them all to portrait orientation, they'll flow nicely in with your text — ads depending.