Can we send an email reminder to our e-edition subscribers?

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Yes, BLOX Live e-Edition has an integration with The TownNews.com Email Reach product. You can set up an automated email to go out to a specific Email Reach Mailing list when the latest edition comes available.

Check out in our help document for BLOX Live e-Edition.


Is there a fee for the Email Reach product?

Hi there!

Yes, there is a fee, based on the number of subscribers you will have (not the number of emails sent). It is a very reasonable cost - but you should speak with your sales representative about specifics. =)

Thank you. I will pass this along to my manager.

Is anyone using this functionality successfully? We'd like to start sending these emails out each morning but are running into a couple problems:

1. The email always features what seems to be the very first page that was uploaded, and not A1. For us this ends up being an obit, classified or comic page. I don't see any ability to customize which page gets used and feels like it is a bug that A1 isn't used by default.

2. Is there still no way to brand this email more effectively and customize the look? Similar to the request in this post: https://community.townnews.com/en/communities/1/topics/1123-customization-options-needed-for-automatic-emails