Feature request: Add batch editing of assets within a collection

Dave Ellis 7 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 7

Don't know if this is the appropriate means for suggesting an improvement, but here goes. There really needs to be a batch edit option within a collection.

I just pulled in a collection through syndication from the Times-Dispatch that included over 100 images of Dale Earnhardt Jr. Since they were not flagged appropriately, the "Buy now" button was appearing on the majority of images. The images all had varied titles and slugs, so my only recourse in flagging them as AP or contributed was to open each file > select the appropriate flag > save and close.

Easy work, but time consuming and unnecessarily repetitive.

This type of situation happens at least a couple of times per week.

Adding a batch edit function to the collections would be an easy fix.

Under review

I can put in a feature request for this. However, two things that would also really help that are available now or will be very soon.

Firstly, adding #nosale to the collection itself now assumes that you are not selling all images in the collection. That was made available a few weeks ago.

Secondly, in our next software released (slated for next month), we are adding the ability to batch upload from many more places! Such as from inside a collection:

Or from the Related Children panel:

And then, as part of the batch upload phase, you can batch edit them before you import them all into the site:

Also, if you are using the batch tool to import photos, it is probably a good practice to keyword tag them all so you can find them later.

Now, if you forget to do it after those steps, or if the images are already on your site (because of syndication) you still are faced with the problem you mentioned in your post. And so I'll add a feature request for that idea. =)

But, at least these things help a little.

Also, was this through the Content Exchange? Anything coming in through the TownNews.com Content Exchange Network will automatically be "no purchase."

I've been pulling from syndication. Not sure if that's the same thing. But thanks for the update. I tried the #nosale keyword on a collection this morning and it worked perfectly.