Trim for web

Erica Smith 8 years ago updated 7 years ago 10

The TCMS "trim for print" feature is nice for stories that need to lose an inch or two for print, but can run in-full online. But the opposite would be nice, too.

This would alleviate some problems, starting with pesky date issues. If print wants to run "today," they could, while online the date would remain "Wednesday" or "Feb. 17" or whatever style was desired. ("Today" in print is often not "today" online — the publication date online is generally a day earlier.)

This also would help when trims made for print cut parts of sentences or paragraphs. It's easy to lose or move the first reference to a person or place when trimming content for print. This feature would allow the complete sentence or paragraph to stay online, and a print-only version of the sentence or paragraph to be written for print.

I agree Erica. I already have a feature request in for it (as part of Ticket # 591489).

Earlier this month Jon Winters said he liked the idea and would put in the official feature request internally.


We've been talking to Town News folks about this feature since November. I figured this extra push couldn't hurt. Good to know it's part of someone else's wish list and tickets too!