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Locked story warning

Erica Smith 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 6

It's very easy to get into a story that's locked by someone else, edit it and assume you can save those changes. That doesn't work, of course — the file is locked by someone else. There's a red warning at the bottom of the asset, but it's easy to skip — especially if you're starting at the top of an asset.

Anyone else interested in a more obvious warning? A pop-up would be very helpful to our editors: "This story is locked. Would you like to read it?" (Or something similar.)

It couldn't hurt. What about shading the backgrounds of the text input areas red as well?

That could help too. (As long as it can't be confused with the red background used to show what's "trimmed from print.")

Oh good call, I forget about that. Maybe the whole window/frames could be tinted or something.


Perhaps another idea - flag how long in time the asset in question has been locked. If it's been locked for more than a few hours, you know it is safe to right-click and unlock the asset to make your edits. Example: "Locked by lritz@thebrunswicknews.com since 12:30 pm 03/21/2016".

Yes! Lindy's suggestion would be incredibly helpful, too!