We would like the ability to have live video stream on our site ala facebook.

diane 7 years ago updated by Meagen Finnerty 7 years ago 5

By time we record/edit/post video it is old news. We'd like to be able to create live on the fly and have the system automatically share it to fb and twitter if possible. Perhaps treat it like 'breaking News' and It only appears on the page if we are 'live'. Once we are done , we can go in and add story and move to a section.

We do this quite regularly by going live on Facebook and just embedding the code for that video into an asset. Then it can go up on your site while you are still live. Maybe that could work for you as well?

I think the issue is that they want to go the other way in order to bring users from facebook to the website. Their idea is to start a live event on the site and then share to fb and be rewarded with click throughs to our website rather than fb retaining the traffic. Have you experienced increased traffic to the site since you started this?

And thanks BTW :)

Yes, because we still share the link to the story with the live coverage in it on our social media channels. Plus, we get a lot of internal traffic on our page, so this way we capture that audience as well. We've had a lot of success with high-profile case press conferences and things like that.

Thanks! I'll pass this along to staff!