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FEEDBACK REQUESTED: "New" flags, "updated" flags, important updates & more

Christine Masters 6 years ago updated by Kevin M. Cox 6 years ago 6

I am reviewing feature requests and other issues surrounding start times and update times of articles. My question to you guys is:

- Is there any reason NOT to turn on important updates?

I'm considering making this feature enabled by default. Meaning, only updates on which you check the "important updates" box will modify the "last modified" time. An unimportant update would still create an entry in the story's revision history (in case you need to track it), but otherwise wouldn't trigger anything on the front end.

As part of this:

- Add "important updates" to all asset types.

- Allow block to be sorted by "update time" (which would include only important updates).

- Add flags or other indicators on the front end when stories are updated or new.

- Add more specific publish date and updated date to front end article (for transparency to readers)

- Remove settings for "important updates" and "add comments to important updates" since they would be default for everyone.


I would be interested to hear from newsrooms, but this makes sense to me.

Oh, I like this. It's annoying when we fix a simple spelling mistake (maybe caught a few weeks after publication) and it updates the whole story time.

Have "Originally published: Date" and "Updated: Date" in the story header.

Would this be a simple checkbox that we select before updating the story, and would it clear each time we save?

Under review

Hi Robert!

Yes... the "important updates" feature itself actually exists today. It is mostly used for publishers who don't want the "updated" date to change with minor typo fixes, etc. Which I think probably everyone will want!

Here is the setting today, in Editorial.

And once both "manually declare important updates" and "allow update comments" is checked, you'll get an interface that looks like this:

Then, once you create that kind of update at save time, it shows up in the revision history.

Again, all of that stuff exists today. I'm considering making it default behavior.

Oh, that helps a lot. Can't believe I missed this.

Is this setting on a user-basis, or if I enable it (as an admin), does it go site-wide?

Yes it is site wide. It effectively changes the meaning of "last modified" (in that, it only updates when important is checked), so it is good to be consistent. 

Yes, yes, yes please!

I've wanted this for three years now: Block "Update Time" Sorting Rule