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instagram usernames as part of user account

Erica Smith 8 years ago updated by Kevin M. Cox 8 years ago 4

Reporters, photographers, etc., can add their Facebook, Twitter and MySpace usernames to their profiles. Our youngest reporters have never heard of MySpace, but they know all about Instagram. Anyone else in favor of lobbying to get rid of some of the never-used platforms listed under "social" for platforms that are actually used or relevant?

Good suggestion Erica. We don't actually have staffers using Instagram, but I'm all for keeping the profile options updated and current.

Under review

I'm not sure how excited our developers would be about removing fields (because some of our 1600 customers may still care about them), but yeah - MySpace, ICQ, AIM are all pretty dated. I will ask about this.

But I can definitely put in a request to add some new things. What would we want to add?

- Pinterest

- Instagram

What about Snapchat? Vine? Medium? Periscope?

Maybe we just need some "other" fields people could enter (but would have a generic icon)?

I like the thought of the "other" fields, even after adding these more current options.

That way a user on some obscure or new platform could display it on their profile before official support is added.

Around here, Instagram would be the No. 1 pick to add. Pinterest would probably be No. 2. Vine and Periscope are connected to Twitter, so individual-wise, we don't "care" about them as much. Medium could be of use to some, but we don't use that either. Unless you show a username (instead of an icon), I don't think it would make sense to add Snapchat.