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Follow-up to my earlier "cancellations" post/suggestion for Town News.  Maybe the guy that created our 3rd party interface would be willing to sell you the coding/function or whatever that he already built?  No sense re-inventing the wheel, after all! We are soooo easily able to add our own schools/churches/businesses, etc.  And then it sorts them and spits them out in a very nicely readable format HERE (no announcements on it right now). It also adds a "new" image for those that have been added in the last 10-15 minutes or so. The guy who wrote the code is my former radio show co-host, had his own software development company (now working for someone else). If you're interested, I could give you his name and number.  This is a screen shot of our admin side:
We have a "weather related announcements page" . But the data is hosted on another company's server who created an interface for us and we bring it in via iframe. We are on "ths list" that school superintendents call when there are school cancellations. They have a code word that we change each season. Then we manually input whether the school is closed or late on a form created by the host site's developer. Yes, it's something we have to input manually, but it prevents mistakes, hacks, etc. Here's the screen we just leave open on a wintery day:

It would be nice if we had something like this within Town News so that we didn't a) have to use an outside server, and b) didn't have to bring the info in via iframe.They also have it set up so we can add/edit/delete schools as needed.