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Our newsroom is converged with a TV station, so we make videos a big priority. I like inline assets, but it's really cumbersome to have to do this to each article. All of our daily content has a video that we cut out of the show and attach to the article.

Also, our inline assets are appearing in the copy when the designers pull them on the page. This wasn't happening a few months ago, but I've had to stop using inline assets because of this issue. Workflow wise, it would be much easier if we had a custom property that could be assigned to videos. We currently use an inhouse system to cut the videos from the show and it sends ti to blox, so I'm sure that system could append the custom property to the video. Ideally, this custom property would push the asset to the showcased area.

Anyway, I'd settle for just being able to move the video to the top. Right now, I'm changing some of the photos to the mug shot presentation mode. This pushes the video up and photo down. 

Also, unrelated, but is there an autoplay option for videos?