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I think this would work well for the types of collection assets that we'd likely use it for. What I've done is this:

Greitens coverage --

Crooked county executive coverage --

Which I'm doing by adding link assets to a collection set to "series" presentation. Then I add it as an embedded gallery at the bottom of relevant articles, and it acts as a topic-specific "infinite scrolls" of sorts. 

Having a collection that auto-populates will eliminate one of the steps in that process. I'd probably still create link assets for relevant articles, as adding a series collection as an asset (embedded or not, if I remember right) to an article/collection/asset that is in the series causes the site to crash.

But even for photo collections on ongoing issues (floods/major news events), this would be great to auto-update the collection as assets hit the system.

Yes, this would be amazing. -- by keyword would work better for me than by slugs (and keywords can be batch edited; I don't think slugs can)