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Amazon re-direct spam on phones is back. We haven't made any changes to our code. Anything on the TownNews side? Anyone else hearing from readers?

UPDATE: No reports of pop-ups today! Not sure what the magic was, but THANK YOU!

I haven't had the popups appear personally since yesterday afternoon, but I have to stress this hasn't been rare. It has been frequent in the past two weeks. We've had dozens of complaints from readers and could go around the newsroom and have it happen on 3 of 3 devices at any given time. I've forwarded examples to TN support and can do so again.

We switched to Facebook Instant to avoid issues there. I'm going to try to let posts run without Instant Article today and see what kind of response we get from readers. Thanks!

It seemed to help a bit, but they're still popping up. We're using Facebook Instant Article as a workaround, but its not a fix.

Nick, We've been wrestling with this for a week. What kind of code should I be looking for?