Persons Asset

Jason Schaefer 10 years ago in BLOX CMS updated 10 years ago 2
One of the projects that I have on my list is a reference guide for medical professionals and health care facilities. The health care facilities are easily done by using your business directory.

After using the election stats program I was thinking that a similar asset for people would be handy to display contact information and other relevant information about the person. (I do not want our business directory filled with non-businesses)
We actually redid our "contact us" page as a section and made each employee an asset... Ongoing formatting was easier than the static html (the staff that keeps the employee list could maintain this with very minimal training). Plus it allowed commenting as a means of communication with that person. 

One of the things that's been on my "when I have extra time on my hands but they're still paying the consulting bill" list would be to modify the template for my "people" assets so it would display a list of most recent articles on each reporters pages and most recent photo's on the photographers pages. I could see where having an actual "person" asset type might make this easier. 
Hey Mike,
I never thought to use it for the contact us information. I'll have to write that one down for future use.