Remove the assets from the website through TCMS

Jennifer Perkins 9 years ago in BLOX Total CMS updated by Jon S. Winters 9 years ago 1
Does this KB article still describe the only way to remove assets from the website through TCMS: http://docs.townnews.com/kbpublisher/Whats-the-best-method-to-remove-assets-from-the-website-through-Total-CMS_8648.html

If so, are there plans to eventually make a demotion to a workflow step that removes the site tag also update the syndicated copy in the same way?

Demoting to prior workflow processes will not remove the site tag from assets from BLOX Total CMS. Workflow processes can be set to Do Not Publish by having the Web Ready checkbox selected in the process. And demoting a workflow will then remove it from where a user can see it online -- though it will be available in the hosted admin.

Technically the Knowledge Base article doesn't have all the ways to remove the asset. You can also delete the asset in BLOX Total CMS and it will also be deleted in the hosted admin and thus deleted online. Finally, you can set a delete date/time which would also cause it to be removed in both locations.

Jon S. Winters