BLOXeption feature

Nick 6 years ago in BLOX CMS updated 6 years ago 2

A Wordpress widget I use frequently allows the creation of block regions like the BLOX wireframes. You can actually use that widget to create a block region within a block region in which you then place the content blocks. It's a sort of block-ception(to use a portmanteau of block and the movie Inception).

I was trying to create a custom page earlier and I'd love to be able to do the same thing in BLOX I can with Wordpress. I'm calling it BLOXeption. Basically you could create wireframes within the standard BLOX wireframes. This would really open up the ability to customize pages immensely. You would just have to setting determine how each new wireframe collapsed as the screen width changes.

Hi Nick, are you talking about Gutenberg?

And yeah, the concept of "blocks" in a CMS is a big step/advantage. Allowing the header/footer to consist of blocks in Flex was a big step.

Currently, with a lot of JavaScript frameworks, design systems, and CMSes (including WordPress in your example) uses the concept of "components", or pieces that are re-usable, such as Atomic Design

Some of the things Blox has are well, but I think embracing that approach within Blox-which already has that concept in place--would be a huge help.

I'm actually talking about SiteOrigin Page Builder.

I realize what I'm pitching would be very difficult but it would be awesome to have the option to create mini wireframes within a block region.