Preview Site no longer has a "Remember Me" at the login screen.

Jeff Sebestyen 6 years ago in BLOX CMS updated 6 years ago 2

Several employees have informed me that when they preview the site while previewing a story, the are logged out where as they used to stay logged in regardless if they were in the live site or preview site.  

I think they've recently changed the "remember me" options. In Community/User Accounts you can find the following...

That's how mine is set and it seems to remember me. I didn't close my browser but I did close the tab the site was previewed on.

Thank you, while there are some neat new settings.  This does not present a Remember Me option when you are logging in the preview site.  I am confident I was able to allow the preview site to remember me.  I just wanted to present this case unless it's a bug.