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Mobile-friendly display for Election platform assets

David Marsters 10 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Travis Tyler_ 10 years ago 2
I've been setting up our election coverage for the 2014 cycle, and as best I can tell, the assets within the Election Stats platform do not display in a mobile-friendly fashion when viewed on a mobile device, like an article would. I've been able to pull them in to Touch 5 blocks, but when you click on them on a mobile device, they just go straight to the desktop version of the page. This is particularly inconvenient for a phone display. 

With the huge growth in mobile traffic and the way voters are consuming content now, it would seem to be an absolute must that these election assets get a mobile-friendly display in the future.

Thanks very much.
Just wanted to chime in and say I agree totally! This is one of the major missing pieces for this app. This was marked as "under review" so wasn't sure if it was accepted for development, or already ready, so wanted to chime in.