Increase font size in vertical galleries

Andrew 6 years ago in BLOX CMS 0

We have had great luck building vertical galleries of images, HTML assets, articles, etc. But the font size is more formatted for a cutline-size block of text than a more robust report. 

Consider this vertical gallery: https://madison.com/news/national/life-or-death-warning-major-study-says-world-has-just/collection_6e57491c-80d0-5b19-9983-1320aee9f99b.html

This proved to be a very popular article, but the text is cutline sized, so it's hard to read.

Another example: https://madison.com/now/today/your-daily-capital-gazette-publishes-as-suspect-charged-with-murder/collection_8dd73a20-ec6d-5e71-9c16-dc5bded6ffb0.html#1

And another: https://madison.com/news/data/the-most-dangerous-states-for-drinking-and-driving/collection_6e736b8a-782c-563b-830c-49ae16cb13da.html

Standard article sized type would be a perfect alternative: https://madison.com/news/nation/government-and-politics/nikki-haley-resigning-as-ambassador-to-united-nations/article_177ce5fb-915e-5819-b7cd-d0b570ad27ed.html#tncms-source

The rules could be: Direct children of the collection get larger size font. Children of children, such as a photo embedded in an article, get the regular smaller-size cutline text.

I think this would improve time on site because people would read more from those collections, as well as improving the reader experience.