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Tracking widget traffic

Tom Jones 6 years ago in BLOX CMS updated 6 years ago 3

Our sites use some variation of a block that updates with trending article links - they may be autopopulated based on defined rules or editor selected or some combination of both. We're trying to track the traffic that jump from these links into our articles.

Currently, the only solution available is entering UTM code data in via the block settings. This appears to be part of TN settings to only offer it this way.

However, as UTM codes are only designed to work with referral traffic and not from the same domain/GA property as the destination, there's a known issue where it can essentially 'break' the current user session. 

What will happen is that when a user clicks on a same-domain/GA property UTM coded link their current session will end and a new session will begin on the new page. This creates a data accuracy issue that can't easily be fixed without abandoning the UTM tracking effort.

There are 2 other known solutions to track this traffic - hashtag anchor fragment usage or TN events.

Preferably would like to use TN events as long as it's clear which widget the action occurred on and where the user went. Would think this could be accomplished by labeling the Category as 'Widget Tracking' (or something else that makes it obvious), the Action as the name of the widget as it appears on the site, and Label is the Page Title for where the user jumped to. 

Alternatively, appending a url with #widgetname instead of UTM coding would be searchable in GA's All Pages report but requires making some GTM updates https://www.simoahava.com/gtm-tips/track-url-fragments-as-pageviews/ - this could be a messy process if it interferes with other GA manipulations. 

Either would have to be developed. 

This is a feature request; can't see where I can edit this idea. 

To satisfy the conditions:

-What problem(s) does this idea solve? Why do you need this idea implemented? 

See previous post.

-How often would you use this feature?

It would be in use continuously.

-How many people in your organization would use this feature?
Whether through direct interaction or centralized reporting based off of data collected, potential for hundreds of people. 

Under review

Hey Tom!

What block are you using for this? Other than Email Reach blocks and the Promo Designer, I can't think of any blocks that have UTM tracking options in them.

We had some ideas about doing something similar to this... we were thinking about passing a hashtag and then triggering a custom dimension in GA when we saw that hashtag.

This particular block is on the homepage of Omaha.com but we have versions of this in use across all of our sites. According to Blox it's a headline list card (Flex). To be fair, I'm not actually sure if/where autotagging rules are set and/or if it's by standard query parameters vs. actual UTM coding. But, your idea would still be highly useful to gauge the amount of traffic interacting with these widgets.