Breadcrumbs above articles

Kevin M. Cox 5 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Patsy J. Moore 5 years ago 8

Is it possible to have the "breadcrumbs" that are at the top of section pages by default continue to be displayed above articles? This would allow easy back-tracking into the section.

I thought I could do it with Utility Regions but it won't allow me to place the standard "Section | Utility: Page heading | Dynamic" block there.

Is anyone else doing something similar?

We aren't using this on articles, but isn't there a Utility: Breadcrumbs block that you could use in one of the utility regions?

There is a default breadcrumb block titled: "Section | Utility: Page heading | Dynamic"

This is used on all our section pages, however the utility regions won't accept it.


I just tried the Uiltity: Breadcrumbs block on a test page, and that was allowed in the utility region. There's no page heading with it. It's just the breadcrumbs.

We don't have that block in our system, but thank you for confirming it is possible to get the breadcrumbs into the Utility region. That's what I wanted to know before I spent a lot of time messing with it.

It's a block that's available in the Flex templates.

We're on Flex but don't have that one. I'm sure they've added different defaults through the years that don't get retroactively added to existing sites. No biggie now that I know the functionality is there.


The Utility: Breadcrumbs block template is a content block that can be created within the Design / Blocks left-column area's New button if you select the 'Static (no assets)' radio button within the left-column of the opened 'Create new block' window. You will see all of the block templates that do not display application assets there.