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Trouble setting up Notifier

Robert Armstrong 5 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Doug Green (Product Manager) 5 years ago 17

I followed the instructions listed here to set up Firebase and connect it to BLOX. But when I send the test push notification, nothing happens. The error in the log says "The caller does not have permission."

I deleted my keys and redid everything from the start, and same thing. Don't know where I should look or what I need to do to get it to work. Anyone have a similar problem, or any ideas on how to fix it?


Yup... same here...exact same issue, exact same message. I can be pretty stupid, but I'm pretty sure I followed the directions correctly.  I'm seeing the same error message in the log.

Okay! Figured it out. The JSON key that we need to upload was generated from the wrong place. The key must be created from the Service Account tab of the Firebase console. NOT from the "Manage Service Account Permissions" as eluded to in the TownNews docs.


Edit: But here's a new bug. Notifications work in both Firefox and Chrome (macOS 10.13.6), but Firefox does not show it in the web-tab, but it does in the os-tab. Chrome only shows it in the web-tab.

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Hey Robert, would you mind giving me ready only access to your firebase? cmasters at townnews dot com. Generating a key should be the same in both places, as long as it is connected to your firebase project.

Hey Robert, am I correct that the key in your example is being generated for a service account different from the one manually created earlier in the process?

I think that's part of the issue Aidian... if you go to your manage service account permissions area, do you see two firebaseadminsdk accounts? 

I think when you click on service accounts, in Robert's screen below, it is generating a key from the service account that is connected to your firebase. So, that may be a more clear way of instructing you on how to do it.

It also could be that Firebase is automatically creating a service account at some point. It didn't do this before, but if it is doing that now, that should be the only account you need.

"do you see two firebaseadminsdk accounts?"

I do.  There's the one I created per the instructions, which has a slightly different name and the description I entered, and there's the other one with a generic name and no description.  

It turns out that generating a key from the generic one enables me to send push notifications.

Curiouser and curiouser....but at least it looks to be working ATM.


Yeah, so it looks like I need to change the instructions to not create a new service account, but assume that one is already there! We had two people run through this as a test and it seemed to work... but perhaps they just chose the other account randomly. =)

As a side note, I am working on a few new blocks or promos that will ask for Notification sign ups at other places in the site. For example, at the bottom or in the middle of articles, or maybe even a popup overlay (a popup overlay that you have to agree to, which then triggers a browser permission popup).

Let me know if you have any thoughts along these lines.


I think you may want to run through it at least once more to see if it's not just some edge case that's affecting Robert and I (which would be the worst of all possible worlds, but totally could happen, especially with google's frequently undocumented breaking changes...)

And it'd be good to let readers sign up for notifications when they register for an account -- while we've got 'em in the box clicking mood :)  

I see the two as well. But when I created it the first time, I only created one. (I did delete both when I went through the process again.) So it must be creating a second one at some point.

The "Firebase service account" ID on the Firebase console also looks like it's pulling the second account, not the one I created. So not sure why that is happening.

Thanks for pioneering this for us all, Robert. I was getting frustrated with "the caller does not have permission" and suddenly remembered this thread. You rule!

Figured I'd just tag onto this thread before posting a separate one -- 

I'm not getting anything in the "Notifications" tab of the Notifier slide-in. I've successfully tested push notifications, but they don't seem to accumulate here. I can't find anything about this tab in BLOX Help either.

Any ideas?

Is it the same bug that I showed screenshots for in my post above? I haven't been able to figure out how to fix it and no one at TownNews has addressed the bug.

Hmm, yeah I just re-read that and it is basically the same bug, but I'm using chrome on a mac and I'm not seeing anything like what you've got. 

And looks like in Safari the Notifier button just doesn't show up at all.

Might've figured out part of the issue here.

First off, support informed me that part of the problem might be - only notifications that you DON'T click on will go on to live in that feed. That didn't solve the issue for me, but might be useful info later.

also - support had me sign up for notifications on this test site: https://www.arogersflex.bloxcms.com/

When they pushed one, it didn't come through the way my successful tests have, which has been as an external dialog box from the browser (with the browser logo on the left). The notification I got from the test site was just a white box INSIDE the browser window. That notification did go on to live in the Notifications panel... so it seems like there may be some discrepancy between their set-up / test page and how I set up mine. They're looking into it now.


Hey everyone, 

I've went through the process and updated the documentation to include Robert's step of grabbing the JSON file from the other location.