Integration of Double Click for Small Business

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While I know TownNews has their remnant program, I've seen many sites that are on TownNews also using DoubleClick for small business that allows them to use the DoubleClick ad software and AdSense for remnant positions.  While I've got access to the templates to modify them, the docs aren't really up to date and I've not had the time to look into it further.  It would be nice if it would be 'easily' possible integrate DoubleClick into Blox (maybe this is already there and I'm not aware of it). I suppose the alternative is to create ad manager more like Double Click (for forecasting and such!)
Hi Chris! Long time; no see! I hope you're doing well. =)

There is some discussion about Google DFP... we have a lot of customers using it, and are doing very well.

One issue that we're talking about is - if we were to integrate this into BLOX - how it would be set up... i.e. the structure of the sections, the positions, and so forth. All of that would need to be unified across all the papers using it, and there are many different ways to use it.

I'm curious to see how many others might be interested in a built-in Google DFP set up? If you would also consider using this, please vote up this post!

What features would you like to see?


I'm doing okay...trying to stay warm right now.  Negative 13 when I left the house this morning (not including wind chill!)!

Could you not add a switch somewhere as to which ad software stuff you'd like to use? If the DFP switch was on there'd be a 'blox' module for putting in the header information (for ease of use have that information on all pages...so even if the ad was only for news the head JS would have ALL DFP code for all pages). Then you could just paste the code into an ad module as if we were setting up an add (so a JS ad).  Maybe you just create another type of ad module and you'd put header and ad information into that module.  Just some thoughts off of the top of my head.  
Right... if we did this, there would be some kind of switch to say you wanted to use Google DFP. I think it would need to be on an ad region level rather than global, however... because you have to pay for Google DFP, it seems some sites want to have SOME ads served through Ad Manager (for marketing and promotions, for example) and others through Google DFP.

We CAN serve the DFP JS through the Ad Manager slots (and we've set this up for many sites that have requested it), but we were thinking that external ads already slow down sites as it is, and we thought it would be cleaner to load the DFP code directly, rather than loading one ad system through another ad system (which then sometimes triggers another ad somewhere else, etc.)

The main sticking point for us thus far has been how to set up the positions/sections/slots. In our experience, we have seen a lot of variation in how different newspapers implement this. We would likely choose one model and require that it be used in order to use our implementation.

Let me know what you think! And, if anyone else has any thoughts/suggestions, feel free to jump in!
I suppose for the St. Louis Dispatch they may have to pay for DFP, but DFP is free for small business's (up to I want to say 10 million impressions a month or something like that; or maybe we got in under a trial run, but it is free to us; tried to find info out about that, but can't seem to dig it up now).  Just need to have an adsense account.  

Well the two pieces to DFP are header JS pieces and the actual ad tag. So in reality if you have a header editable area and ad region can be replaced with a text or something that would work. 

I'll be the first to admit I don't know a whole lot about Blox, so bear with me.  
Just and FYI we have a pub that is in the process of migrating from newssys to blox. He tried putting in some doubleclick ads in as html ads and they royally messed with the formatting... 
Hey Mike,

HTML ads shouldn't touch any code. Can you show me some examples? Did you submit a support ticket? 
yes... I've dealt with the project manager and with support and their response was ... it must be the ads don't use them.... needless to say the publisher and ad managers aren't exactly pleased.

We're talking doubleclick and adsense ads and we've asked that they be looked at and been told the ads themselves were fine and we are inclined to believe them because in some cases they are the same ads that were running fine in newssys before migration. In other cases they may run fine in one position but when they run in another position they display too far to the right and throw off the positioning of surrounding elements or overlap items below them

My personal suspicion is the templates are a little wonky because of changes we requested which were implemented and appeared fine until the html ads were added.

The pics are from the-messenger.com and the ads are still in the cms (though they should be disabled) the nissan ads consistently caused trouble but several of the other ads caused similar issues and on several I tweaked them by wrapping in a div and adding / subtracting margins...


By default DoubleClick ads have a <div> with a width and height associated to them.  Have you tried taking out the width and height and seeing if that works?  It's caused me some issues, but I'm redesign on newsys! :)
An example of an ad in question:
<!-- Javascript -->
<SCRIPT language='JavaScript1.1' SRC="http://ad.doubleclick.net/adj/N3340.Centro/B7990196.4;sz=300x250;ord=[timestamp]?">
<A HREF="http://ad.doubleclick.net/jump/N3340.Centro/B7990196.4;sz=300x250;ord=[timestamp]?">
<IMG SRC="http://ad.doubleclick.net/ad/N3340.Centro/B7990196.4;sz=300x250;ord=[timestamp]?" BORDER=0 WIDTH=300 HEIGHT=250 ALT="Advertisement"></A>

That code looks a bit different than what I'm using for DoubleClick, so I'm not going to be of much help.  For what it's worth the code we use looks like this:

<div id='div-gpt-ad-1382647690928-1' style='width:120px; height:90px;'>
<script type='text/javascript'>
googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1382647690928-1'); });



Your code looks like what I've been testing on our site. If you take out the style= part with the width and the height that seemed to work for me. I'm still doing some testing, but it appeared to work.
Patrick - Yeah it will work with removing that style information.  Sometimes it does cause some issues, but most of the time it doesn't.  It's also nice to have that area 'shrink' when there's no ads.  I haven't tried to do this on Blox yet, but I need to (soooooooo confused on where to start...but I was one of the developers of newsys so it's kind of natural to me!)


Flex now has integreated DFP SB and Premium.