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Way to set default workflow for all users?

Robert Armstrong 5 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Tom Houston 2 years ago 4

I know you can set the default workflow on an individual basis, but is there a way (or is it planned if not) to have the option to set all users default workflow, or even set the default workflow upon user creation?

Being able to set a default workflow for a specific user group is something that we would highly request as well.

Under review

Can you give me a few examples of this?

i.e. you have a special workflow for the Sports department, and articles created by the sports team would start off in that default Sports department workflow?


Hi Christine! So, for example, we have several freelance reporters who user BLOX to create a new article and save it, without that article being directly published. We have a workflow setup, assigned to a specific freelance user group, that places the article into a review and approval state, so an editor can review the article before it is published. Unfortunately, I can't assign this workflow as a "default" for this user group. Currently, when I create a user account for a freelance reporter, I need to login to that account and setup that initial workflow for them in the preferences. In addition, there's always that concern that they could change or disable the workflow... if they wanted to create mischief. Let me know if you need any other specifics.

Hi TownNews. I ran in to a scenario this morning where a default workflow for a specific user group would have come in handy and saved me a lot of time. I'm hoping this feature is still under consideration. - Tom