Option to show number of times an article is viewed

Linda 5 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Kim Mason BGDN 5 years ago 4

Dear Town News, currently we have the option of showing how many comments an article receives, would it be possible to show how many times an article has been viewed? We have the block that shows most popular, might be a nice option to show how many people read a story. Many thanks

Reporters often ask me about impressions on their articles and there is not an easy way to figure it out unless it happens to be among the most popular.  We would love this capability, though not for reader viewing as much as internal information - like the view stats button on banner ads.


You can use the Page Analytics by Google plugin on Chrome to get stats for whatever page you're on. So you can put in a date range, and it will say how many pageviews, unique visitors, bounce rate, etc...


Thanks, I've downloaded Chrome & added it to try.  All the reviews seem to say it doesn't work though.  And, I would still prefer the "view stats" button on an asset so that I don't have to use Chrome & would have a complete info on an asset that might appear on different pages at different times etc.

Got another request for finding out how many views on an article.  Like the other I tried after installing the app, it can't tell me anything for the page today.