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Notifier: Push the message out when story goes live

Jason Braverman 5 years ago in BLOX Total CMS updated by Kevin M. Cox 5 years ago 17

Say a reporter is completing his/her story. They've added the photos, gallery and any other assets. Next they move over to "Notifier" and create a tweet and FB message and hit "Save and Send." By default, since the story isn't "live" on the website yet, it goes into "draft" mode. Next, they'll promote the story for the editor to read. He/she reads it and promotes it to the web. Shouldn't the tweet and FB post go live at that time? 


OMG, this!  The notifier  app is overall a big improvement, but this drives me nuts.  Our standard workflow was to have stories written, tagged, and socializ-ed before editing, with the do not publish flag checked.  Way more efficient than what we have to do now because the notifier defaults to draft.

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Are you sure they aren't hitting "save as draft"? "Save as draft" will do what you say (saving it as a draft until it is published - even if the story goes live). "Save and send" will send it as soon as possible, which would be when the story goes live.

I will do some testing of this to confirm the above behavior... if it is not doing that I would agree it is a bug.

Are you guys using workflows? Does the start time of the asset pass before the the publish setting is enabled?

They are hitting "Save and Send." 

We are using workflows. The start time has passed before the publish setting is enabled most of the time - mainly due to the normal flow of the day in the newsroom. 


Jason, we're going to treat this as a bug for now... Can you submit a CRM ticket with an example of an asset that didn't get posted, if you have one? I would like to see the domain set up and so forth.

As a side note, we do have a setting now to "reset start time" as part of a workflow change. So, when the article goes live, you can reset the start time to now, and this may actually fix the issue (we'll need to test that), but it may be desired behavior on your side anyway, regardless of whether or not it fixes the issue.

That way, the article start time reflects the actual time it went online, rather then when the reported started working on it.

NICE! I can't wait for this (Reset start time) to come to Total CMS. I've been wanting this feature for a while now.

This is in the latest version of TotalCMS. You'll just need to update and you'll have it. I'm sure it's going to be a huge time-saver and problem solver for many reporters.

I'm on 2.22.1-1 and the appliance reports no available updates (beta or general). TCMS interface is still on the old style BLOX interface, not the updated one.

Searching release notes on help.bloxcms.com show no newer releases:


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Kevin, my bad. My excuse is this is week 3 here at TN as a Product Manager so I'm still learning. It's scheduled right now for release in 2.23 (no ETA on that, there is a bug holding it up right now). 2.23 still has the "old" menu style, but does include the asset start time reset feature.

Thanks Joe. Welcome aboard and I'm glad to see you active on the community here as I've been catching up on old posts today.

We also post-date some things, so resetting would not work for us. However, if it were to ignore future dates, it could be a big help. 

I apologize for the lack of responses to your questions. Do you still need me to submit a ticket?