Customize Form Appearance

Kara Johnson 5 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Aidian 5 years ago 2

What I thought is a simple change but I can't find anything related- I'm looking to remove the drop shadow on my form headers. I saw other TownNews customers sites without a drop shadow and wanted to do the same. On here is a picture of a current form for us with the drop shadow. Thank you!

Image 482

You can submit a ticket to our Customer Service folks and they can make this css change for you. Otherwise if you have template access, you can add some additional styling to your site.css file in your site component to override this styling.

FYI, you can also insert an html <style> block into the subhead of the form field, something like


.container .jumbotron h1 {text-shadow: none;}


would work.  It's also a totally ugly hacky excuse for a fix, against every version of web dev best practices, and something I would never, ever do when I was in a hurry.  Nope, never...