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Staff Directories / Newsletter sign up pages

Crindalyn Lyster 4 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Thomas Martinez 4 years ago 8

Does anyone have examples of staff directory pages they've created outside of static HTML pages on their sites? How about newsletter list landing pages that are more than the out of the box "list" of newsletters available. 

Our staff directly page is still pretty plain:


We're planning to make all the staff names clickable with photos and bios sometime soon. (Some of them already are.)

We just recently revamped our newsletter signup page:


Thank you for the examples. Love the newsletter page. I'm hoping someday there would be a way to pull in staff user account information and build out a nice, but easy staff directory page since all the information is right there in their user account. 

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Back when I was still on the front lines, this was a format I came up with for my group of papers. https://www.idahopress.com/site/staff/. It relies on an array of data and a few custom blocks, but provides for nice organization.

Hey Joe, is there some way I would be able to implement a similar thing to this on our staff page? My main thing is I want to be able to have the pictures on the page but not click through to an article or enlarge the picture.

You'd have to have someone on your staff that is comfortable working with UTL and building custom macros and templates.


I'll also say that we do have some open tickets in the backlog to create staff blocks from users. It will depend on adding some additional data to the user object and then new block templates. No ETA on when it would be completed, as it's been in the backlog for some time.

Thanks Joe. I do like the look of the staff directory. Great to hear it's already on the radar!