Breaking news writethroughs

Henry M. Lopez 4 years ago in BLOX Total CMS updated by Mike Stickler 4 years ago 5

My colleagues tell me that if we did an online breaking news story, then we'd have to use a different asset for the final story that would go in print and online. That would generate a second url for the same story whcih makes no sense. I would think one could do the breaker, then just use notes to do the writethrough. What do you all do?

You wouldn't want to publish that second asset for the exact reason you mentioned.

You'll either need to use a second, unpublished asset, and then copy/paste the final text into the original (to maintain the URL) and then delete this second asset without ever letting it go online.

Or take it out of TCMS and use Google Docs or something, copy/pasting in the updated / final versions into the primary asset when they are ready.

Another thing that could potentially work here would be if the long requested "Trim From Web" feature ever got implemented:


This would allow changes (or a complete re-write) to go into the original article but get hidden from the website until that block of text was "untrimmed" by an editor.


Thanks, Kevin. I had the same thought about the Trim for Web.

Or put a link in the breaker with a line like "updated story here" and go ahead and use the second URL because it gives you the ability to push a second Facebook promotion without getting dinged for double posting one URL. 

Because of course we should let our workflow be governed by Zuckerberg's *&%$! algorithm.

Upvoting this.. We are almost through our go live with TCMS and one of the things I was looking forward to was having the final version of a story replacing the TEASER/preview/Breaking article in our blox sites... However this seems convoluted as hell unless you want every version you save after the teaser to have those saves reflected on the web...

Like some of the idea's i've seen here but my initial thought was if you save an asset that's already been saved to the web a popup comes up and say's "A previous version of this asset has been posted to the web, Overwrite with these updates" Y/N

That way the reporter can work on the story and make saves, the editor can edit the story and make save, and then whomever's job it is to send the final article to the web simply says YES... no need to remove site tags or mess with workflow.