How to create or find a URL to assign when creating a new form

Art Kabelowsky 10 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Christine Masters 10 years ago 3
Hello, I am hoping to create Blox forms to serve as preseason preview questionnaires for area football coaches. They will be able to plug in their contact info, comments on the upcoming season, and lists of returning players. Then we could use the Submissions area to retrieve the information.

I tried to create a form to start working on this concept. When I click on NEW FORM, I get a window asking for Form Title and URL. I put in a form title but when I click on the down arrow to select from a list of URLs, no choices are made available to me, just an empty box.

In the documentation, it states:
NOTE: When a new form is created, BLOX CMS will automatically create a URL and insert it into the URL tree relative to the URL that was selected above.

But it is not doing this. I can't get past the blank box where URL choices or a directory tree apparently should be. Also, I'm not allowed to type in a URL to see if the system will create it. So I can't get anywhere. How can we fix this? If it works I want to do many forms for our various coaches to use.

Hey Art!

Ran into this problem a while ago. What you want to do is create a new URL on your site URL map before you create the form. Make sure the URL inherits from the parent form folder. (Mine is /site/forms/, yours probably is too.)

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Hi guys!

These days, Forms doesn't require a URL to be created for a specific form - you can have all of your forms "live" under one URL.

What is probably happening, as nelsonk pointed out, is that your "form" URL is underneath the "site" URL so you can't see it. Just open the "site" URL and you'll see the highlighted "forms" URL. Then, select that URL, and the form application will automatically create your form URL underneath.