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Mike Stickler 4 years ago in BLOX Total CMS updated 4 years ago 1

Ugh!!! - There needs to be a way to search for assets based on who's working on it that is not tied to print or online presentation. "Created By", "Last Modified by", or preferably an "Assigned to" field should be a searchable option(s).

Only about half the content in our paper should be attributable to a specific author so we don't need/want the author field populated for records, obituaries, compiled reports, or articles with a "Newsroom" byline. However this eliminates the authors easiest method to find "Their Stuff"

Sorry guys but this seems like a no-brainer and I am confused why it isn't already present.


No Marc, I don't want your software to be just like NEP. There are many things about tcms I like much better than NEP and in general searching is a big one... however in this one specific part of searching I feel you have an issue...
Yes there are work-a-rounds, yes you can tag yourself, but this is one of those things that makes me wish I could revisit the choice to go all one domain. I'm sure it doesn't seem cluncky in a domain with 5-10 pubs but with 40 people are stepping on each other.