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Lodi News-Sentinel 10 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Michael Becker 10 years ago 6

One of the more popular online commenting services is Disqus. I'd like to see the BLOX commenting system adopt these features. I've suggested these privately but here they are for all to critique:

For readers, the ability to:

• Upvote or downvote comments.

• Like or dislike other commenters.

• Set a rating threshold for which comments they want to see. For example: "I don't want to see any comments that have a rating of -5 (5 downvotes) or lower."

• Block individual commenters. ("I don"t want to see any comment by user John Smith.")

• Sort comments (e.g. oldest to newest, newest to oldest, highest rated first)

For administrators, the ability to:

• Assign commenters to groups, such as "Trusted" and "Not Trusted" commenters. Trusted commenters have their comments posted immediately without moderation. Not trusted commenters have their comments held for moderation.

• Post customized messages when any comment is removed or posted by a banned user.

• Close comments without removing previous comments.

Can you elaborate on the last bullet point, "Close comments without removing previous comments"?


Hey Aaron! I'm familiar with the last request...

Essentially, we have the ability right now to close comments by clicking a button within the individual story edit panel in the BLOX admin. When you do this, we put up a "Comments on this article have been disabled." message and get rid of the comment box and all existing comments.

It has been requested that we offer the alternate ability to close the comments and LEAVE existing comments for viewing.

As I've suggested to TN in the past, it would be great if they'd integrate Disqus single sign on with Blox authentication and let us choose Disqus as a commenting option, much as we can choose Facebook. 
Hey Mike, can you add Disqus as a separate request item on here? That way, if I want to put it into a different status, it isn't tied to other features. In fact... that's true for most of these items Simon (if they are broken apart, we could provide updates on individual items more easily.) Unless they are very closely tied together, of course...
I have a support ticket in on the single sign on issue with Disqus already. It's kind of dead-ended at Patrick who said he'd look into it if there was time but that it wasn't any kind of priority. I can post another thread here though. 
I agree with a few of the suggestions. It would help to be able to block particular IP addresses of commenters that are an issue. I also think people being able to click "like" or "dislike" on a comment will help it more be self-policing.