Those of you with paywalls, instant way to get more subscriptons!

Jerry Lee smdailyjournal com 4 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Kevin M. Cox 4 years ago 2

On the page customizations for COMMENTING there are currently two options:

1) All users can view comments and post comments,


2) Require subscription to view and post

I would like to figure out a way to have an option that allows everyone to view, but ONLY subscribers to post.

This will increase subscriptions for those of us who charge for access or for commenting.

Non-subscribers will see comments, and some may be inspired to comment back, which would require a paid subscription.

Currently, our options are limited to all or nothing. Having the middle ground option

3) All users can view comments, and subscribers can view and post comments

would generate more subscriptions from those folks who feel the need to respond to comments.


Great suggestion Jerry, I've already submitted a development ticket for this. I'm envisioning two settings, one for who can view and one for who can post. Three options: anonymous, registered, and subscriber on both. This will only work for Blox Comments (not 3rd party comment platforms) and will require subscription information to be part of Blox, not a 3rd party integration where they handle the user accouints.